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Vision in Learning & Visual Stress

Vision in Learning


Some children do not reach their full potential at school. They just don’t seem to reach the reading skills expected for their intelligence. There may be a number of reasons why this could be the case. Dyslexia of course, is one such reason but is not the only reason. The eyes, or more accurately, the way the eyes work, can also be a limiting factor.

Sometimes children struggle with reading because they lose their place, or their eye muscles fatigue quicker than average, or they don’t follow along the line properly (often having to use their finger to track along the line better).


This means they struggle when they shouldn’t have to struggle.


How the eyes work is not the same as dyslexia, but can co-exist with dyslexia. And to complicate matters further, a child may not need glasses to see better, yet may have a visual system that does not work at its best. It can be a muscle thing not a detailed vision thing.


How do we help?

Step 1: In-depth assessment of eye muscles and eye co-ordination


This will reveal whether any eye inefficiencies are contributing to under-performance. If so, this will clearly impact on school, self-esteem and long term career prospects.


Step 2: Correction


A combination of (temporary) spectacles, exercises and/or tints to take the stress off the muscle system. We create a system where the eyes are happier to do the work and we build more strength and flexibility with the  long term aim of the muscles being able to do the work on their own.


Step 3: Follow up


Once the brain understands how the eyes should work when reading, we start to remove some of the temporary help that has been given. Our aim is for your child to be reaching potential with as little help as possible.


If your child or someone you know is struggling with their reading skills please contact the practice and book an assessment with Derek Styles.


Please note this service is not funded by the NHS and the initial assessment is £72.

We may need to do a general NHS sight test alongside this to check the health of the eyes if this has not been done recently.

If you feel your child may have problems with their vision then please don't hesitate to get in touch for a consultation.

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