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Holland Opticians is owned by Gavin, Kirsty, and Vikram.  Kirsty and Vikram are active optometrists in the practice, while Gavin (also a qualified optometrist) spends more of his time working behind the scenes. When Gavin bought the practice in 2017 he sat down with the entire team and asked the very important question ‘What sort of opticians do we want to be?’

Now this might sound like a silly question, after all isn’t eyecare just about reading some letters on a chart, having some lights shone in your eyes, then choosing some glasses?

Well actually, no, it’s not. There is so much more to it than this...


Our Friendly Staff

Gavin Rebello
Partner & Optometrist
Kirsty Litherland
Partner & Optometrist
Derek Styles
Jim Osborne
Simon Roper
Dispensing Optician
Anne Wilkes
Dispensing Optician
Steph Smith
Dispensing Optician
Sarah Humphries
Dispensing Optician

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