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Women Struggling to Hear


Your hearing is one of your most important senses. When you begin to notice that you are having to strain to hear friends speak, or that you are turning up the television a little louder than usual, it can feel uncomfortable and worrying. However, our audiologist, Aamir, is here to help you in every area of hearing protection. From tinnitus management to ear wax removal, he can do it all. Should you require hearing aids, he offers invisible and rechargeable models with lifetime aftercare, with repairs and servicing being able to be done in practice.


Here at Hollands we are now happy to offer an audiology service with a complimentary hearing assessment. Whether you’ve recently become concerned about your hearing or would simply like peace of mind, Aamir will make sure your hearing assessment is thorough and simple. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and if you do require a hearing solution he’ll work with you every step of the way.

Patient Waiting For Hearing Test At Holland Opticians
Mother, daughter and grandaughter


As part of his hearing service, Aamir offers the latest microsuction wax removal procedure available. When earwax is overproduced it can cause a variety of symptoms including hearing loss, earaches and discomfort. Through a clinical microsuction procedure, you can have excess wax removed safely and efficiently, usually only taking a few minutes.

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Women Having a Hearing Test


Aftercare appointments allow us to keep looking after you once you’ve been fitted with a hearing aid. The appointment is there to help you, so as well as an evaluation of your hearing and device, our hearing specialist will chat with you about anything you’re concerned about and offer helpful advice and assistance where possible.

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