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Holland Opticians Reception Area


Contact lenses are a simple and safe way to correct the vision of almost everyone. At Hollands we listen to your needs and wants and look at your lifestyle so we can discuss contact lens options that will work best for you.


Before you start wearing contact lenses, we need to confirm that you can wear them safely, find the right type for you and calculate your prescription. All of this takes place during your contact lens assessment. With one of our optometrists, you will have your eyes tested and measured while also being able to discuss how you would like to use contact lenses. After the assessment, your optometrist will be able to tell you whether you can wear contact lenses safely and comfortably and which type will be best for you.

Contact Lens Aftercare Solution


There are many different lens designs and materials available including dailies, monthlies, as well as lenses that correct for astigmatism or presbyopia. Your optometrist will discuss your needs and wants, as well as looking at factors like your eye health and prescription to make a recommendation that’s well-suited for you.

Teresa Front of house receptionist on the phone with a patient


With our aftercare service, we can see how you’re finding your contact lenses and check up on your eyes. At aftercare appointments, your optometrist will talk with you about your lens wear, confirm that your eyes are healthy, and ensure your prescription is still correct. These appointments also offer a great opportunity to learn about new developments in contact lens technology and to ask any questions you have about your lenses.

And it’s even easier for our care plan patients as the plan includes all and any contact lens checks that you may need, plus a discounted rate on your contact lenses. 

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