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Near Vision Tests At Holland Opticians


Our optometrists will always take the time to get to know you and discuss your individual eye care needs, providing a professional and tailormade test. Once a series of checks have been carried out to assess your vision and eye health, they will discuss any results with you and be happy to answer any questions you may have. Following your examination, if it is needed, they will then take you through to speak to one of our friendly dispensing team who, over a freshly brewed coffee, can talk through any needs and wants you have to provide a spectacle solution that works for you. 

We provide both private and NHS eyecare, and are very pleased to offer an enhanced eye health examination upgrade to NHS patients. All of our patients also have the option to join our care plan which makes looking after all of your eyecare needs extremely easy, for your complete peace of mind


As part of your eye examination your optometrist will look at the health of your eyes. We are able to use the latest technology with our Optomap and OCT machines to take ultra wide imaging and deep down layered scans of the backs of your eyes – this lets us assess your eye health in much more detail and depth than ever before, helping us to potentially address problems before they become, well, problems!

Your optometrist can also advise on how best to look after your eyes depending on your individual needs, from the importance of wearing sunglasses to protect against UV to discussing any family history of eye issues, to advice surrounding dry eye or screen use. Your eyes are important and we’re here to help you look after them the best you can.


In total your eye examination will take around 30-40 minutes whilst your optometrist checks your vision and eye health, and chats to you about any issues or visual requirements you have. If you need to spend time with a dispensing optician afterwards you should allow yourself about another 30-40 minutes for this.

It is helpful if you can bring your current spectacles and sunglasses with you to your appointment.

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