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Your Eye Examination

Frame Fitting Equipment

Your eye examination will last for approximately 30 minutes, allowing for your optometrist to thoroughly examine your eyes and vision. A series of checks are done which assess your vision and check your eye health.

Once your examination is complete, your optometrist will explain their findings to you, including any updates to your prescription that might be required. They’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have, as well as taking the time to recommend suitable products for your needs, wants and lifestyle.

If required they will then take you through to speak with one of our fully qualified dispensing opticians to discuss your spectacle requirements, so the best solution to suit you can be found. On average we find this takes about half an hour, though can be more or less depending on what you need and want.

Most of our patients choose to join our care plan which makes looking after your eye health easy for you, and gives you complete peace of mind.

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